All of the insurance products provided to Mississippi nursing home owners by the MHCISC are also owned by Mississippi nursing home owners.  The basic theme directing the operations of each is “sound conservative management”, which includes among other things, the use of good common sense!

All of our insurance programs fall under the regulation of one or more governmental bodies, be it the Department of Insurance, Department of Labor, the Workers Compensation Commission, or a combination thereof. These regulatory bodies prescribe minimum standards for authority to operate our insurance plans. Among these standards are minimum financial strength, minimum reinsurance (insurance on an insurance plan or company), and a management staff including Directors of unquestionable character. You can be proud of those persons at the helm of your plans and the dedication to service which they embody.

We are proud to report that all of our Plans are in excellent financial condition.  This is illustrated by their respective independent certified financial audits which show all to be properly funded, solvent, and forecasted to “do well going forward.”

Thanks again for your continued support and if we can be of help, please call on us.